6 Film Wedding Photographers you should follow

Film is not dead, they say.

In recent months, we have seen a proliferation of photographers who have started to shoot weddings using film alongside their digital workflow.  The number of new film labs coming on the market is also a way to gauge that film photography is going through a mini rebirth.

I’ve compiled a list of photographers who, I think, are amongst the best, at capturing weddings and portraits on film.

So, in no particular order, we have:

Jose Villa


by Jose Villa

A hugely talented photographer based in California. Jose has featured in many bridal magazines and is probably the photographer who started the pastel look trend you now see on many wedding photographs.

Jose runs workshops and has published a book which I would highly recommend.

You can check his work on his website.

Jonathan Canlas

veil jonathan canlas

by Jonathan Canlas

Another great film photographer you should follow, not only to be inspired by his work but also for his photography knowledge.

Jonathan runs numerous film photography workshops through his Film Is Not Dead or FIND website. He has also published a book on how to shoot film which, again, I would recommend.

For inspiration and details on Jonathan’s next workshop, visit his website.

 2 Brides Photography

Groom men sitting on wall

by 2 Brides Photography

Two female photographers based in Stockholm, shooting weddings worldwide.

Be inspired by spending some time on their website.

Lisa Lefkowitz

brides and bridesmaids

by Lisa Lefkowitz

Lisa is a Fine Art Photographer based in San Francisco. Her work has been published on numerous wedding blogs and magazines.

Check her work on her website.

Erich McVey

bride and girl laughing

by Erich McVey

Another talented U.S based photographer, in Oregon to be precise, who’s also featured in numerous top wedding publications.

Erich was recently voted Best Film Photographer of the Year by Belle Lumiere Magazine.

You can check his impressive portfolio on his website.


Miguel Varona

Bride and groom

by Miguel Varona

Last but not least, a talented film and Fine Art Photographer from sunny Spain. I am big fan of Miguel’s work, his portfolio boats with clean and meaningful images.

Have a look at his work on his website.


Finally, I’d like to finish this article with a list a film labs. The lab is a critical part of the film photography workflow.

So again, in no particular order:

  • Richard Photo Lab – based in Los Angeles – website
  • UK Film Lab – based in Chesterfield, UK – website
  • Carmencita Film Lab – based in Valencia, Spain – website
  • The FIND Lab – based in Orem, USA – website
  • Film Box Lab – based in Nashville, USA – website
  • Caribou Film Lab – based in Leslieville, Canada – website

So here we are, a list of my favourite wedding photographers who shoot on film. There are obviously a lot more film-shooting photographers out there and I welcome you to add them to the list via your comments.

I hope you find some inspiration through the impressive work of these guys.

L~ F~:

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