Giving the Bride away

As the big day looms and wedding preparations get underway, thoughts soon turn to ‘The Act of Being Given Away’.
Traditionally viewed as a custom in arranged marriages where the Bride-to-Be is offered to her Groom’s family in exchange for a dowry, it comes as no surprise that this important element of the ceremony is now subject to much discussion and debate.
Bride entering the room with father
A Feminist Issue? 
Understandably, modern Brides-to-Be may balk at the very notion of being ‘gifted’ to another family but with a little creativity and forward planning you can adapt this element of your wedding day into a symbolic gesture which says a lot about you.
Going It Alone
There are many reasons why you might to decide to walk down the aisle alone. It could be that your father has passed away or is absent in your life. Walking alone serves as a poignant reminder of your father’s passing or it could be a way to make a confident statement about you as you step into your new life.
Support System
Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see a bride walk down the aisle with her mother and father by her side. If one parent is deceased, it’s the turn of the surviving parent to make this special journey. No matter who is by her side, the bride must surely feel a sense of being supported on the journey to meet her groom.
bride entering the ceremony room with father
Best Brother, Cousin or Uncle
Whether it’s your brother, your cousin or your best friend, choosing to walk down the aisle with another significant male is becoming more and more popular with brides who do not want to be given away by their fathers. To save any trouble in the future, discuss your decision with your father well in advance of your big day.
2nd Time Around
Whether you’re blending two families together or have lived together for many years before deciding to take the plunge, walking down the aisle with your children in tow  creates unforgettable memories for all involved.
Soul Mates
Although not for the romantically inclined bride who prefers to maintain her allure prior to the wedding, walking with your husband-to-be is a fairly new concept, especially when the couple have already established a life together.
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